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  • GalaXray V3.0 Spectrometric Personal Radiation Detector

    Personal High-Resolution Detection, Identification, and Dose Assessment

    GalaXray V3.0 is a high-resolution CZT-type detector that delivers unparalleled performance in express radionuclide identification and radiation dose assessment from low to moderate-high levels. Continuous dose rate monitoring and recording enables the user to be instantly informed about radiation exposure and/or carefully analyze radiation dose risks by exploring the dose rate recorded charts. 
    This practical belt wearable cell phone-sized, three-button operated, handheld gamma spectrometer is used for radiation dose assessment, dose rate time profile recording, express nuclide identification with up to one thousand gamma-spectra storage. The instrument is temperature stabilized and in compliance with ANSI 42.48 – 2018.  
    The instrument is accompanied by GalaxRayWiz software, a powerful tool that communicates with the device, analyzes gamma-spectra and dose-rate time profiles accumulation of 14 hours. Collected data can be easily transferred via USB or Wi-Fi. 
    GalaXray V3.0 is the most technologically advanced radioisotope detector, identifier, and dose assessment device of its size in the industry.

    • GalaXray V3.0 is suitable for: 

      • Nuclear energy workers
      • Radiochemical & Radiopharmaceutical industries steel, scrap & waste recycling
      • Radiological services
      • First responders & border control
      • General Public

      GalaXray V3.0 Technical Specifications:


      ENERGY RANGE: 0.03 – 3.0 MeV, 1024 Ch

      ENERGY RESOLUTION: 1.8 – 2.5% @662 keV

      DOSE RATE RANGE: 0.01 µSv/hr – 30 mSv/hr

      DOSE RATE ACCURACY: +/- 30% (0.1 µSv/hr to 100 µSv/hr)

      NEUTRON SENSITIVITY: ≈ 2.4 cps/nv


      PRESET TIME: 86,400 s

      DISPLAY: LCD 2.8”, 240 x 320 pixels, backlight

      ALARMS: Audio (~85 dB), audio jack, vibrator, LED operations: 3 – button keyboard

      DATA STORAGE: up-to 1000 spectra & up-to 24 hours of dose rate time records

      DATA TRANSFER: via USB & Wi-Fi

      ELECTRICAL: Lithium-ion rechargeable battery, 3.7 V 5200 mAh

      BATTERY CONTINUOUS WORK: with Wi-Fi on & back-light on: - up-to 14 hours

      with Wi-Fi off & back-light on: - up-to 26 hours

      CHARGE TIME: 4 – 5 hours, with battery indicator on display

      ENVIRONMENTAL: from -10° C to +50° C (-4 F to 122 F)

    GalaXray technical specifications: