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Innovation in Radiation Safety

Innovation in Radiation Safety


Trust Us for Excellent Radiation Detection Services

Welcome to our world of innovative radiation detection technology at GalaxRay LLC! Our company has gathered the world's most current technology and developed a high-quality radiation detection device.


Helpful to Government Agencies

We provide a source of protection and safety for a variety of clients including our first responders such as law enforcers, firefighters, and emergency management agencies. They find GalaXray V3.0 highly durable, informative, and easy to use. 

GalaXray V3.0 is also highly recommended for use with our military, border patrols, coast guards, and port authority because they can help monitor our homeland for radiation threats.


Benefits of Our Products

Here are other benefits of using our radiation detectors:

  • They can detect radiation from commercial vehicles at weigh stations.
  • They can detect radiation in the communities within which nuclear facilities operate.
  • Medical facilities have also found our unit benificial in inspecting radiactive material.

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