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  • As you may be aware, we recently introduced into the market our technologically advanced SPRD – GalaXray™ V3.0. Ludlum will be the exclusive manufacturer and marketing agent for the GalaXray™ V3.0 series of product. We are confident that the joint efforts of GalaxRay and Ludlum will reap unparalleled customer satisfaction and enthusiasm in the global market for radiation detection.

    The GalaxRay/Ludlum partnership extends our sincere appreciation for your interest and business across the years

    We welcome you to our world of innovative, radiation detection technology. We have combined the most up-to-date, innovative technology in the world, with a compact, affordable and easy to operate device, comparable to any of its kind on the market. When it comes to radiation detection for our first responders, such as law enforcement, firefighters, and emergency management agencies, GalaxRay's device proves to be durable, compact and easy to use.

    We are here to provide a source of protection and safety regardless of your area of need.


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