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    GalaXray is a high resolution CZT-type detector that delivers unparalleled performance in express radionuclide identification and radiation dose assessment from low to moderate high levels. Continuous dose rate monitoring and recording enables user to be instantly informed about radiation exposure and/or carefully analyze radiation dose risks by exploring the dose rate recorded charts.

    This practical belt wearable cellphone-sized, three-button operated, handheld gamma-spectrometer is used for radiation dose assessment, dose rate time profile recording, express nuclide identification with up to one thousand gamma-spectra storage.

    The instrument is accompanied by GalaxRayWiz software, a powerful tool which communicates with the device, analyzes gamma-spectra and dose-rate time profiles accumulation of 14 hours. Collected data can be easily transferred via USB or Wi-Fi.

    GalaXray is the most technologically advanced radio isotope detector, identifier and dose assessment device of its size in the industry.

    GalaXray V3.0 Spectrometric Personal Radiation Detector (OUR LATEST PRODUCT)

    Personal High-Resolution Detection, Identification, and Dose Assessment

    GalaXray V3.0 is a high-resolution CZT-type detector that delivers unparalleled performance in expre....