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    With a passion for innovation and safety, GalaxRay was formed to develop and manufacture innovative technology in radiation detection. Located in Las Vegas, NV with a manufacturing facility in Rochester, Michigan, GalaxRay experts have zoned in and are responsive to global radiation detection and assessment needs to advance technology in detecting orphan and naturally occurred radiation materials. Its Marketing and Sales Division operates out of Jackson, Mississippi. These advanced devices will instantly inform professionals and the general public users about radiation types as well as records immediate and cumulative exposures.


    Provide up-to-date, innovative technology in the world, with a compact, affordable and easy to operate radiation detection device

    Provide on-site and web-based training to insure our customers' comfort in utilizing the device

    Provide a device that will help with the safety and protection to all who may come in contact with hazardous materials


    A developer and manufacturer in innovative technology in radiation detection

    A company where safety and protection is of utmost importance

    We work with professions from all walks of life to produce the right solution for each customer’s needs (i.e., first responders, law enforcement agencies, military, etc.)


    “The immediate identification of the radiation type is extremely beneficial. We recommend purchasing for Special Events and devices for Detroit Fire HAZ-MAT Emergence Response."

  • Detroit Fire HAZ-MAT

  • State Fire Marshall and Academy Instructors: “We like this unit” and "We recommend GalaxRay".

  • Mississippi State Fire Academy